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Volleyball Drills for a Middle Hitter | Brampton Volleyball

The task of the middle hitter is to hit the ball as fast as he/she can. A volleyball player has to hit the ball as many times as possible. Additionally, a hitter has to try to land the ball in different areas on the volleyball court. The middle volleyball hitter should aim to hit the ball at least 50 times within 10 minutes. Run the Middle

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The middle hitter will rotate out and the next hitter steps in. The drill should be fast paced with very little time between balls. The goal is to get 50 kills. You may need to set a time limit of 10 minutes and see how many you can get. This middle hitter drill is from a Volleyball Coaching DVD .

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How To Be A Better Middle Hitter In Volleyball

The Middle Hitter In Volleyball Has A Crucial Role In Any Offensive Strategy. If you are a middle hitter in volleyball, you should be master the techniques of the quick middle attack. This is considered riskier because it allows for less margin of error. But it is faster, and it puts pressure on the opposing team’s middle blocker.

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This volleyball instructional video will teach you how to be an effective middle hitter by teaching you how to read the block and spike around it, and how to...

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What are some great volleyball hitting drills? 1. Hitting Drills For The Back Row. 2. Advanced Hitting Drills. 3. Hitting Drills For One Person (Solo) Hitting Drills For The Back Row Back Row Attacks With Ball Control. For this drill, the team is split half on each side of the court. Each side starts with a player in the back middle position and a setter.

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The Volleyball Hitter: Learn How To Be The Smart Spiker On Your Team The volleyball hitter has options for scoring against opponents to score points including tipping the ball deep or short in the court to mix up your attack.

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Play the tight balls, be dominant in your blocking and don’t hesitate. Being a good middle blocker is all in your mentality. Be comfortable with chaos. The sets aren’t always going to be perfect, and you have to figure out what to do with them, quickly.

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The middle hitter will often run very quick plays with sets barely above the net. These quick attacks catch the opponent off guard, eliminating their ability to set up a double block or get in appropriate defensive position. The middle hitter also plays the role of decoy on quite a few offensive plays.