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You can do the following to make this basketball cone dribbling drill even more interesting and challenging: Allow the players to dribble with one hand only. Allow only low dribbles, below the knees. Players should change hands every time they touch a cone. Players need to double-cross over each ...

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Dribbling crossover cone drill. The crossover cone drill is one of the most effective basketball cone drills to utilize your superior speed and agility on the court. The basic version has you running towards a ball, using both hand and foot speed to score a layup or dunk.

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Between the Legs – dribble the ball through your legs from one hand to the other, while changing direction between each cone. Crossover – dribble the ball from one hand to the other while changing direction between each cone Inside Out Crossover – take one “fake” crossover dribble, pulling the ball ...

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4-Cone Drill Start at the back left cone. Run to the front cone. Sidestep to the cone on your right. Back step to the cone behind you, and sidestep to the cone on your left, which is the cone you started at. Go back the opposite way and sidestep to the cone on your right. Sprint to the cone in front ...

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Competitive Cone Touch Dribbling Drill - Fun for All Ages

Players can dribble with their left hand only. Players can dribble with their right hand only. Low dribble only (sock level). Change hands each time you touch a cone. Double cross over at each cone. Triple cross through the legs at each cone. Cone touch going backwards only (players have to dribble ...

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W Drill Start at Cone #1. Sprint to Cone #2. Plant with the outside foot. Backpedal to Cone #3. Sprint to Cone #4. Repeat until finished with all cones. Switch starting cone and repeat in opposite direction.

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Cougar Shooting Drill. • 1 dribbles through the cones using various change of direction moves and attacks the basket. • After taking a shot, the player widens out to the corner and cuts hard off the cone simulating a cut off of a screen. • Coach passes the player the ball for a shot.